Wash and Care Instructions

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 -Opt for Phosphate-Free and Sodium-Free Detergent: When laundering your cyanotype printed clothing, opt for a detergent that is both phosphate-free and sodium-free. This choice not only supports environmental sustainability but also effectively preserves the vibrant colors of the prints.

-Wash with cold water, or on a cold cycle if you are a machine washing. Adhering to this recommended temperature setting is important, as cold water is used to prevent any sort of color fading and hot water can accelerate that process.

-Turn inside out to minimize wear on fabric.

*HAND WASHING RECOMMENDED: For delicate or fine fabrics, hand washing is often the preferred method. If you opt for machine washing, select a gentle cycle to ensure gentle treatment of the fabric.


-Be Gentle with Drying: Avoid exposing the clothing to direct sunlight or high heat during drying. Instead, opt for a shaded area or use a low-temperature setting to preserve the quality of the prints.

Mindful Ironing: If ironing is necessary, refer to the temperature setting specified on the clothing label. Ironing inside out and using a low heat setting will help maintain the integrity of the prints.

-Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from contact with bleach or similar chemical substances, as they can bleach the colors of the prints and compromise their vibrancy.


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